Coding the mysterious psychology of the consumer.

Discover the mental processes that lead consumers to purchase a product.

In the highly commercial world we live in, it is essential to understand the mental processes that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

  • Cognitive Components: The ideas and thoughts that influence us.
  • Behavioural Elements: how we act throughout the entire purchasing decision-making process.
  • Social Aspects: Social elements that lead us to the purchase decision.
  • Emotional Elements: The emotions that a product generates and what emotions lead to the purchase of a product.
  • Secondary Group. Friends, girlfriends and colleagues.
  • Tertiary Group. Means of communication (Social Media, TV, Radio etc ..)
  • Status. By this, we mean the social class and membership group at the social and professional levels.
  • Feelings. As human beings, we often react equally to some common situations.
  • Dissonance-reducing Buying Behavior. The customer delays a lot in the purchase decision, and the differences between multiple brands or products are not clear or apparently of little relevance. Normally the cheapest product will be chosen, hoping not to regret the choice.
  • Habitual Buying Behavior. Characterized by little or no involvement with the brand. Such as buying fruit, vegetables or similar items.
  • Variety Seeking Behavior. Actions dictated by the intention to try something different/new.



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